From the darkness, the sound of a car began to rev. Welcome to A Tear In the Fabric of Life, its opening track beginning the ascending climb towards the anticipation of the experience known as Knocked Loose. Here comes that drop. The lights come up. Boom.

Straight out of the gate, the band went full force. Hard. The crowd immediately reciprocated and began to thrash and mosh. It didn’t take long to realize that what one was looking at, was in fact The Wolf of Wall Street. Here is Leonardo DiCaprio himself, amping up his followers, urging them to participate in this moment, in their own lives; that this is necessary, nay, integral to fully living. To paraphrase DiCaprio frontman Bryan Garris, “You are here. You are alive. We feed off of the chaos and energy. Be a part of it.”

Lead guitarist and backing vocalist Isaac Hale broke it down and laid it out straight that they wanted to see everyone moving, pushing each other, and getting that circle pit going.

It was quite admirable watching how the band kept up their engagement with the crowd without slowing the show down at all. They did not miss a frickin’ beat. Knocked Loose puts on one of the best live shows out there. Heavy? Some of the heaviest. Motivational seminar? Absolutely.

Set List:

  1. Where Light Divides the Holler
  2. Trapped in the Grasp of a Memory
  3. God Knows
  4. Denied by Fate
  5. Billy No Mates
  6. Forget Your Name (Intro)
  7. Belleville
  8. …And I Still Wander South
  9. Forced to Stay
  10. Deadringer
  11. All My Friends
  12. Oblivion’s Peak
  13. Return to Passion
  14. Guided by the Moon
  15. Contorted in the Faille
  16. Mistakes Like Fractures
  17. Counting Worms
  18. Permanent


Set List:

  1. Full Circle
  2. Skin to Skin
  3. Tunnel Vision
  4. Third Degree
  5. Barbed Wire Body
  6. Seneca
  7. Colorblind
  8. Suffer Through
  9. Daylily

Knocked Loose finish up their headlining tour A Tear in the Fabric of Life tour with Movements, Kublai Khan, and Koyo this week.

Get tickets here:

Listen to, buy and watch the short film of Knocked Loose’s latest EP release A Tear in the Fabric of Life

A cage-free alt-J gives Milwaukee a unique experience on The Dream Tour playing a sold-out, intimate show at Turner Hall Ballroom with a capacity of less than 1,000 people on March 18, 2022.

Much like an allusive dream, every part of alt-J’s Milwaukee stop on The Dream Tour at Turner Hall Ballroom on Friday night contained elements of being in a dream. Even before the show’s inception, it had already shifted from a different time and location. The original venue was supposed to be at UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena a day earlier on Thursday. The details of why are a mystery, announced as “unforeseen logistical issues.” The shift to a just shy of a 1,000-person capacity Turner Hall Ballroom gave way to a cage-free alt-J stripped of their glass box and projections (a staple on this arena tour run) making this not only the smallest venue they’re playing on this tour, but also the smallest they’ve ever played in Milwaukee. The slacked six strings of Edison lights that hung above the main floor highlighted and served as a continual aid and reminder of the unique experience of seeing alt-J in this rare and intimate space.

The slacked six strings of Edison lights that hung above the main floor highlighted and served as a continual aid and reminder of the unique experience of seeing alt-J in this rare and intimate space.

The show begins with a techno groove with a recurring, “Here we go!” reminiscent of Super Mario Bros., making the experience a dreamlike experience from the get-go. Enter the trio and they go straight into the opening track “Bane” off of their new album The Dream, which is sort of like a trio in and of itself, with three distinct parts that are all different within the one song. The sound of a cola can fizzling and cracking open followed by the commercial-like voice proclaiming, “Cold and sizzling!” before a sip and echoing exhale lends to the surreal dreamscape alt-J has already begun to well establish. The first change brought on by lead vocals and guitar Joe Newman’s sweeping notes that descend and melt into its part two gives a feeling of sinking, the warbling vocals and guitar reminiscent of Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun.”

alt-J lead vocalist and guitar, Joe Newman

The final third of “Bane” circles in repetition and establishes itself with the ushering in of the percussion of drummer Thom Sonny Green.

alt-J drummer, Thom Sonny Green

New track “Chicago” filled the sold-out small and intimate venue to the brim, the bass served by keyboardist and vocals Gus Unger-Hamilton permeating every molecule of the room, practically making the walls exhale and bend outwards. The effects of this new track was made ever effective enveloped between familiar debut album tracks “Matilda” and “Something Good,” the latter of which was perfectly placed at the very center of the deliciously balanced sandwich of the evening’s set.

alt-J keyboardist/vocalist, Gus Unger-Hamilton

The majority of the time, the band kept the music flowing, lending to a mostly uninterrupted haze of dreaming. Only on occasion would the dream become lucid when they would address the audience to speak or say thank you. For anyone with lingering lucidity, the carnival-like sounds of “Dissolve Me” matching the accustomed-to string lights from above surely sent those dreamers back into the depths of the dream.

The carnival-like sounds of ‘Dissolve Me’ matched the hanging string lights above.

As cool as this tour run’s setup is, the dreamlike state of all the aforementioned components of the Milwaukee stop really did make for a rare treat. As with most good dreams, they both linger and escape simultaneously; the parts that stay, cherished. It will be much anticipated as Milwaukee waits for alt-J to return and deliver yet another batch of lingering goodies. In the meantime, alt-J’s newest album The Dream is available and can be enjoyed and relished in both physical and digital form.


  1. Bane
  2. Every Other Freckle
  3. The Actor
  4. In Cold Blood
  5. Deadcrush
  6. Interlude I (Ripe & Ruin)
  7. Tessellate
  8. U&ME
  9. Matilda
  10. Chicago
  11. Something Good
  12. Nara
  13. The Gospel of John Hurt
  14. Philadelphia
  15. Taro
  16. Dissolve Me
  17. Losing My Mind
  18. Fitzpleasure


  1. Left Hand Free
  2. Hard Drive Gold
  3. Breezeblocks

AWOLNATION is such a fun band. Aaron Bruno’s charisma is just stunning. Having a much liking for this band before covering their show, they’ve certainly become a favorite after seeing them headline at 101WKQX PIQNIQ. Just check out the cool aesthetic of the pictures below and you’ll get a small taste of not only how awesome AWOLNATION is, but also how great their live shows are. The cherry on top is having captured some of these images while they performed “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf).” This is a band that songwriter and frontman Aaron Bruno has said, “will age as a fine wine.” We cannot wait to stay tuned in to all they have in store for the future. Here come the runts, indeed.

AWOLNATION are playing select dates this summer and into the fall at various US music festivals. Check and their Facebook page as well for details.

Dashboard Confessional is always a breath of fresh air to see. The last time we covered them, it was also an outdoor show. The lighting this time around for their set at 101WKQX PIQNIQ was a bit dark until the burst of everything at the end of the last song. The lighting was great and every band member went full out. Lead guitarist and backing vocalist Armon Jay ended up on the ground shredding his guitar, drummer Chris Kamrada went double time on bass and cymbal hits and bassist Scott Schoenbeck and lead vocalist Chris Carrabba covered the rest of the stage with hair whips, jumps, and serious energy. If only we had been able to be up close for those moments. Hopefully someone in the crowd captured something of that amazing outro. While we can’t show you any of that, here’s what did capture and can show you from their set:

Bush is a staple in rock and especially grunge. It’s as if they never left the scene. Going on hiatus in 2002, they reformed 8 years later in 2010. It is now another 8 years past and Bush is still on fire. Their performance at 101WKQX PIQNIQ was electric. Lead singer Gavin Rossdale ran through the far seats of the lawn mid-song sailing through half of the concert-goers. It was amazing to see a wave of phones and smiles hurl through the crowd as the band continued on with Machinehead as Gavin made his way around the stadium. Take a look through the photos of Bush’s set this past week.

NEEDTOBREATHE really brought the light to Chicago with a sold out show on a Thursday night. The lighting was unique and spectacular. Huge, two-story speaker-like amps lined the back of the stage with “eye lights” complete with eyelashes scattered about in a polka-dot fashion. Bear Rinehart wore a disco ball jacket for a portion of the set. Lights of all colors warmed up the venue and the crowd. Both Rinehart brothers came out into the crowd during songs. Bo traveled around the entire main floor singing with his guitar during an upbeat song while Bear popped up towards the back of the GA floor with his guitar during an acoustic song. All the Feels Tour was very accurately named. The band is gearing up for their third leg of the tour with acoustic sets so definitely check out dates and grab tickets to see them!

What can we say? We got a soft spot for Third Eye Blind so covering this one was extra special. The evening couldn’t have been set any better along Lake Michigan on Northerly Island with views of the Chicago skyline and perfect summer weather. It was truly fit for a Summer Gods Tour.

Silversun Pickups came on with a lot of fun energy and had an elegantly simple yet beautiful backdrop and light display. Lots of pink, magenta, and purple hues splashed the stage and poured out into the audience in the form of pure energy.

Third Eye Blind stepped out onto a post sun-kissed stage. Their set began behind a Kabuki drop with a cool, appropriately adapted live version of We Are Drugs EP’s “Weightless.” The music started with a flash and a burst, pulling back for the first verse and building upon the repeating line “Summer gods got me screaming” until all the instruments came back in full force. Upon said impact, the curtain dropped and the show went off and running. The band played five additional songs from their newer material before diving into playing their debut album that graced our presence twenty years ago. They ended the night with an encore of “Never Let You Go” and “God Of Wine.”

It’s always a joy having Third Eye Blind in Chicago and we look forward to their next time around. (We fully expect songs from Out of the Vein next time, by the way. -cough cough-)

Third Eye Blind


Silversun Pickups