Persistent Vision Media LLC is a passionate multimedia company eager to provide transcendent contributions of exceptional beauty and quality. Our dedication to exposing the capabilities of the infinite potential and possibilities the world has to offer are coupled with our copious focus on capturing the image and voice desired by our clients. At the company’s center is a finely attuned propensity of heartfelt sincerity and virtue.

Need someone to shoot a music video, cut a trailer, edit your projects and short films, light your set, prepare a budget sheet, organize your shot list or storyboard, write music for your project or commercial, a pair of eyes and ears to help prepare for a speech, article, or screenplay submission? Persistent Vision provides the whole spectrum of preproduction to postproduction.

From high-end companies to family celebrations, Persistent Vision Media LLC will tailor to your specific needs. Whether video and photography is needed to cover an event, fulfill festival submissions with EPK assemblage, or even if needed as “paparazzi” for an evening, Persistent Vision Media will give their clients an edge and the advantage over their competitors.

Persistent Vision Media achieves the results clients desire through the company’s diligence, meticulous thoughtfulness, and professional work ethic. We guarantee you’ll see the stunning results of dedication, care, and precision radiate vividly.


Persistent Vision Media LLC is founded by Cindi Huang (better known as Cindi Jean). She carries out her projects with precision, finesse, great attention to detail, elegance, professionalism, and style. Her work is very thoughtful and extends through the heart she puts into working with clients.

More of her photography can be seen on Flickr.

Persistent Vision Media is based in Chicago, IL.

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