The Wrong Impression

I find it kind of fun and amusing to have people catch you in whatever current exterior predicament you happen to be in at a particular moment and totally get the wrong impression of what you’re like and who you really are.

On this particular day, I’m heading back to school after winter break comes to an end and I’m riding the El with some film equipment I was able to check out. I situate myself and take a seat, arranging my film equipment by placing my tripod on my seat, propping it behind me against the wall and the camera lens case on the floor in front of me. I take off my hat and gloves to reveal a bandage on the outer edge of my palm (where one would strike a block of wood in karate). I earned myself this flattering display from a wine glass that broke while I was doing the dishes. I start to pull out my makeshift makeup bag (the bag my makeup comes in when I buy it) and it crinkles in its flimsiness. I tend to leave my makeup on overnight and just reapply what’s gone awry in the morning. (Bad habit, I know) Anyhow, I didn’t give myself enough time to do my makeup at home and pushed this back to combine with my travel commute time. All the while, I’m sniffling to a runny nose because I’m getting over a cold.

At this point, I can feel all the inconspicuous and conspicuous looks pounding my way. I can only imagine what they’re thinking. “What’s the tripod for?” “What’s she doing that she’s got smeared makeup on and reapplying it now on the train?” “Is she a prostitute traveling from her last client? Is she on her way to her next appointment?” “Did she get that wound on her hand from a job gone wrong? Was the guy rough on her? Was there BDSM involved?” “Is she sniffling cause she has a weak immune system cause she’s got some sexual disease? Does she have AIDS?”

Yeah, I may have quite the imagination but I wouldn’t be surprised if something along these lines crossed their minds! Everyone knows how ridiculous unfiltered thoughts can be!

So that was the time people thought I was a sick, diseased prostitute who supplied her clients with video recording equipment. Maybe they thought I was a pornographer or a porn star. Hah! Circumstances can give people the completely wrong impression of you and really, I think it’s kind of funny! ‘Cause somewhere, at some point, in someone’s mind, you’ve been a crazy psycho. …And the world keeps spinnin’ round.

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  1. A perfect observation of the endless rattles of our human minds.
    You have quite the imagination Cindi. To call you a storyteller is unjust… Considering your novelist style of wrting and use of language is so vivid and concise. Cheers to making me laugh so hard I thought my pancreas exploded.


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