Album Preview: Filter, ‘Crazy Eyes’

Filter_CrazyEyes_Cover_RGBIt seems no other band is more perfect than industrial band Filter to write an album about a world that seems to be losing its mind. According to frontman Richard Patrick, “Our thing is to look at people’s unexplainable behavior and assess it, using sound. It’s a way to approximate the insanity of the human condition.” Crazy Eyes is filled with innuendos alluding to the madness going on all around us what with technological, machine-like sounds sprinkled throughout the album and an overall sound gearing more towards electronic than just pure heavy rock. The industrial sound and heavy beats in “Nothing In My Hands” and “City Of Blinding Riots” shocks and stirs the listener, reminiscent of the nightclub scene in the film Vanilla Sky. There’s definitely still a heavy rock and alternative feel to the album though. “Pride Flag” bursts with immediate riotal screams and heavy guitar. The soaring guitar solo during the breakdown gives the image of celebration, a slow-mo visual of someone waving a flag in the desert with kicked up dirt rising into the air. “Kid Blue From The Short Bus, Drunk Bus” is a unique song with an upbeat industrial sound and minor bass riffs with a sinister breakdown in the bridge. Bassist Ashley Dzerigian (Adam Lambert, Maximum Hedrum, CeeLo Green) delivers heavy riffs from tracks like “Tremors” and syncopated rhythm that weaves beautifully with Patrick’s vocals in “Head Of Fire” and “Take Me To Heaven.”

The moments of breath in between drops and choruses of full-throttle, in-your-face intensity gives the listener a feeling similar to riding a rollercoaster; with ebbs and flows and anticipated moments of stillness followed by big, rewarding drops. The electronic sound of the guitar, drums, and keyboard feeds the cold, chaotic world this album builds and communicates in mirroring.

Photos: Myriam Santos

Richard Patrick remains at the helm and also produces the album. His authenticity in retaining that old-school Filter sound coupled with the more industrial, heavy rock bordering on metal sound brings the listener to an eerie dream turned nightmare upon waking.

Crazy Eyes releases this Friday, April 8. Catch them on their Make America Hate Again Tour. Check Out Tour Dates Here

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