Mae | Schubas | 10.9.2018

In anticipation of their new release, Mae’s 2018 Tour brought them to Schubas in Chicago on the evening of October 9, 2018. The cozy, GA standing room was filled with what felt like a Mae-fans’ reunion and made for a really warm-hearted, suspension in time. Mae opened their set with “Sing” from the upcoming album, […]

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AWOLNATION is such a fun band. Aaron Bruno’s charisma is just stunning. Having a much liking for this band before covering their show, they’ve certainly become a favorite after seeing them headline at 101WKQX PIQNIQ. Just check out the cool aesthetic of the pictures below and you’ll get a small taste of not only how […]

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Bush | 101WKQX PIQNIQ 2018

Bush is a staple in rock and especially grunge. It’s as if they never left the scene. Going on hiatus in 2002, they reformed 8 years later in 2010. It is now another 8 years past and Bush is still on fire. Their performance at 101WKQX PIQNIQ was electric. Lead singer Gavin Rossdale ran through […]

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