Leave it to pop punk greats Simple Plan and Sum 41 to bridge the generation gaps from X to Z. Music is most definitely one of the best unifiers and the evening of May 14, 2022 found people of various ages under one united banner. Both bands have catalogs that span over 20 years. Depending on who you are, that can either make you feel old or make you pat yourself on the back for having an eclectic taste in music. Sum 41’s debut album Half Hour of Power was released at the turn of the century in 2000. They rolled out with hit album after hit album at an impressive rate of one album per year with All Killer, No Filler and Does This Look Infected? containing an incredible amount of hits on each album. What’s also impressive is how absolutely fantastic Deryck Whibley and the band are live to this day. Dave Baksh on lead guitar and backing vocals along with bassist and backing vocalist Jason “Cone” McCaslin were right alongside Deryck for each of the acclaimed albums mentioned above. Rhythm/lead guitarist/backing vocals Tom Thacker and Frank Zummo on drums/occasional backing vocals joined the band a bit later in 2007 and 2015, respectively. It came as a surprise seeing Sum 41 rush the stage and greet the crowd so warmly. They wasted no time to get their set off to a blast.

Hearing them perform songs from over the years not only brought about the expected nostalgia, but also the appreciation for how well their songs have aged over the years. Some in the crowd grew up listening to Sum 41 as pre-teens and teenagers and have grown up and have now brought their own kids to the show with them. The love Sum 41 have for their fans and their hearts they pour into their songs is so apparent. It’s such a relief to live in a world where this band continues to exist.

Set List:

  1. Motivation
  2. The Hell Song
  3. Over My Head (Better Off Dead)
  4. We’re All to Blame
  5. Summer
  6. A.N.I.C.
  7. Never Wake Up
  8. T.H.T.
  9. Underclass Hero
  10. Walking Disaster
  11. With Me
  12. In Too Deep
  13. Makes No Difference
  14. Some on the Water / Seven Nation Army
  15. Pieces
  16. We Will Rock You
  17. Still Waiting
  18. Fat Lip

To say this evening was a walk down memory lane would be an understatement. It isn’t clear whether the venue or the bands were responsible for the music choices in between sets but songs such as “Ocean Avenue” by Yellowcard, “Girl At the Rock Show” by Blink-182, “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” by Panic! At The Disco, “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World, and “The Anthem” by Good Charlotte played one after another, hitting the crowd with continuous waves of nostalgia, just to keep the high constant and going. So many voices joined together to sing along, lifting their voices as a banner in camaraderie.

Simple Plan actually walked out to the Star Wars Main Theme, which was just epically fun.

In keeping with the high of nostalgia and the fact that Simple Plan’s debut album No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls is celebrating 20 years, they kick off their set with the album’s opening track “I’d Do Anything.” Naturally, the crowd is amped to the nth degree.

By the way, when did Pierre get so buff? Good on you, man!

Simple Plan has remained a tight unit, with all remaining four members forming the band together. The year we’re looking for is 1999. Some of us were still in elementary school. (Ahem) That’s an incredible history and a testament to the strong friendships and bond Pierre Bouvier (lead vocals and bass), Chuck Comeau (drums), Jeff Stinco (lead guitar) and Sébastien Lefebvre (rhythm guitar and backing vocals) have together. In addition to the 20th anniversary of their debut album, this year also celebrates a brand new album release titled Harder Than It Looks, their sixth studio album. It was released this month on May 6, 2022. Track 2 sees fellow co-headliner lead vocals of Sum 41 Deryck Whibley featured on “Ruin My Life.” The album contains catchy songs that sees a 2022 Simple Plan, refreshingly reflecting their unfolding lives. Instead of getting stuck in a box of self-created sound of their past, they have continued to mature and grow in their craft of songwriting. Mid-album track “Anxiety” is the perfect example of having a fresh sound in addition to letting in the way life has affected them and the world at large.


  1. I’d Do Anything
  2. Shut Up!
  3. Jump
  4. The Worst Day Ever
  5. Addicted
  6. Congratulations
  7. Summer Paradise
  8. Welcome to My Life
  9. Wake Me Up (When This Nightmare’s Over)
  10. Crazy
  11. Ruin My Life
  12. All Star / Sk8er Boi / Mr. Brightside
  13. What’s New Scooby Doo
  14. Where I Belong
  15. I’m Just A Kid
  16. Untitled
  17. Perfect

It’s clear that both Sum 41 and Simple Plan are both powerful forces of positivity in this world that very much needs them. The only thing we can blame Canada for is the amazing human beings that make up these groups of talented comrades.

The tour continues in the United States through May 28, 2022. The Blame Canada Tour | U.S. Dates and Tickets

Also, just announced this past morning, they will be joining forces for a UK/European tour from September 20th through October 21st. Find Dates and Tickets Here