From the darkness, the sound of a car began to rev. Welcome to A Tear In the Fabric of Life, its opening track beginning the ascending climb towards the anticipation of the experience known as Knocked Loose. Here comes that drop. The lights come up. Boom.

Straight out of the gate, the band went full force. Hard. The crowd immediately reciprocated and began to thrash and mosh. It didn’t take long to realize that what one was looking at, was in fact The Wolf of Wall Street. Here is Leonardo DiCaprio himself, amping up his followers, urging them to participate in this moment, in their own lives; that this is necessary, nay, integral to fully living. To paraphrase DiCaprio frontman Bryan Garris, “You are here. You are alive. We feed off of the chaos and energy. Be a part of it.”

Lead guitarist and backing vocalist Isaac Hale broke it down and laid it out straight that they wanted to see everyone moving, pushing each other, and getting that circle pit going.

It was quite admirable watching how the band kept up their engagement with the crowd without slowing the show down at all. They did not miss a frickin’ beat. Knocked Loose puts on one of the best live shows out there. Heavy? Some of the heaviest. Motivational seminar? Absolutely.

Set List:

  1. Where Light Divides the Holler
  2. Trapped in the Grasp of a Memory
  3. God Knows
  4. Denied by Fate
  5. Billy No Mates
  6. Forget Your Name (Intro)
  7. Belleville
  8. …And I Still Wander South
  9. Forced to Stay
  10. Deadringer
  11. All My Friends
  12. Oblivion’s Peak
  13. Return to Passion
  14. Guided by the Moon
  15. Contorted in the Faille
  16. Mistakes Like Fractures
  17. Counting Worms
  18. Permanent


Set List:

  1. Full Circle
  2. Skin to Skin
  3. Tunnel Vision
  4. Third Degree
  5. Barbed Wire Body
  6. Seneca
  7. Colorblind
  8. Suffer Through
  9. Daylily

Knocked Loose finish up their headlining tour A Tear in the Fabric of Life tour with Movements, Kublai Khan, and Koyo this week.

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Listen to, buy and watch the short film of Knocked Loose’s latest EP release A Tear in the Fabric of Life