© Amy Girl Huge Smile Bunny Ears Nick (Plain)I simply get so much joy from seeing others happy, smiling, and laughing. I am fascinated by expression and reaction to the discovery of the contents of each new second. I am delighted by its infiniteness. Much of what I get to capture in my photography are beautiful moments that are otherwise gone within a matter of seconds. More often than not, a moment can happen and be over and done with in the time it takes to press down the shutter button. There are so many astronomically amazing moments rushing past us at any given point in time. Likewise, the different elements within the camera required to successfully capture these moments need to be in place. I love what I do and here’s how I’m able to produce such high-quality images. 

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I have that key ingredient of passion and love of others. I have that eye for the intricate and the interesting, no matter how minuscule; It’s all in the detail. I understand vision, light, and photography at a fundamental level. I am very particular in my framing and focus. After all, our own eyes can only focus sharply on a very small area at one time (the size of your thumbnail). Therefore, I am keenly aware of the crucial care required to handle the delicate focus of the camera and how it translates to the final product. On another foundational principle, light hits everything we’re able to see, and so anything deserves a shining spotlight and deserves to be celebrated whether it be a shred of dust that descends from its gathered habitat and falls unto the floor in a graceful manner or a moving moment shared between two people. To be able to catch and focus in on the beauty and even the ugliness of occurrences is truly humbling and rewarding.

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These stills tell a story. They’re a storyboard of real life; A Storyboard of history. It’s really beautiful when you leaf through it. This is a major reason why I put so much value in photos and why I do what I do. When I think about what it is I do, all I feel is love and desire. There’s a healthy fire there that gravitates towards stoking others’ fires and happiness. I receive so much satisfaction from that.

Big Bowl of Splash

What particularly sets me apart from the rest: I go through and edit my RAW images one by one, giving each photo its own attention. I don’t batch edit my pictures. While a group of photos will be shot under similar lighting, each picture is its own image and hence, I treat them as such. I make each photo the best that they can be. By focusing on each individual picture, I am able to bring each photo to its optimal quality. I put the time and care into producing my images. It’s a service I’m happy to deliver.
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That being said, I operate with a quick, fast hand with no reservations. I am not daunted by high shot counts. I look forward to reviewing my thorough coverage. I always operate with the mentality of getting the shot as the most important factor; I have no thoughts about the workload I’m adding on for myself for later. I always have the purpose of what I do at the forefront of my mind. I am never misguided by extra time I need to spend on my projects because of my high shot count rate. I don’t even live in the realm of or think in terms of that being an inconvenience on my part. I’m here to get the best coverage of shots and I do whatever it takes, no questions asked. That is all I want and that is what my clients want. Working with someone with the same desires and goals will yield a 100% satisfactory result every time. That’s my guarantee. I deliver dedicated, caring, amazing work. If pictures evoke a thousand words, I make those words shine like gold.
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Hii!!! This is my first post! I’m excited to get this off the ground and on my way to the limitless potential that awaits me. I would like to start by just sharing my thoughts about photography and why I do what I do. I’ll be introducing everyone to the other work that I do in my next post. For now, enjoy the read and take care.


I love photography. I have such a huge passion for capturing images. What I love about it is that they emit such life by just standing still to be gazed upon. It’s truly amazing that a single image, a single, specific arrangement of pixels and luminance and color, can reach out and be so alive. We live in a moving world where living organisms do not stay still; where even inanimate objects are provoked into movement. We have recorded moving images that fascinate and thrill us. We are enchanted by the mobility of it all.

Yet we create works of stillness. They are admired upon, just simply for what it is. We pull out thoughts, feelings, emotions, and ideas from them. They inspire. We interact with them. They have the amazing power to pull us in. We choose to stare into something that will never move yet they have the ability to say so much. And in return, they actually move us. It’s absolutely beautiful.

There will never be the same image. There is never another one like it, just as each passing moment is unique in itself. Each snap of a picture parallels the continuous moving of time, a documentation of that specific fleeting moment in time. The image is sealed, and then the world continues to move on. We have the power and ability to pause life and examine it. That is tremendously phenomenal. I am just extremely grateful for this advancement in discovery, of the capabilities of this world; In us as humans. That I have a camera at my disposal to use as a tool to go out and point out and share the infinite beauty of the world.

Photography is a showcase of the world from all sorts of lenses. When I step back and think of all the combinations of angles, distance, height, brightness, subject matter, the camera choice, the lens choice, the eye through which the camera lens extends from, the moment your finger presses down on the button… I think of one grounded, humbling word: limitless. My job is never done. I find that ironically very satisfying. It’s a great reminder of the unlimited potential we are presented with. Thank you God.